Case Study – Qulaco


The brief: When Qulaco – a specialised manufacturer of concrete wall panels, terraces, shelters and custom staircases – needed specialised expertise to prevent project delays, este had to find a solution. Qualco’s attempts at self-recruitment hadn’t yielded the fit they needed.

The challenge: A lack of experienced engineering manpower was leading to production delays and missed milestones. Qulaco tried recruiting in-house in its native Belgium. A five-month recruitment process resulted in an internal team member that didn’t fit the brief.

The solution: Qulaco decided to start over and asked este to help. We created a custom recruitment process to on-board remote talent they felt comfortable with. Since, we have trained and on-boarded other skilled team members to handle Qulaco’s growing workload.

  • “In times when there is a shortage on the labour market, it is extremely interesting to rely on an external partner. At este we have found a partner who is competent, punctual and who thinks along with us. While we keep the design of exposed concrete and architectural concrete in-house and keep most technical matters within our control, we can entrust the drawing volume to our own remote team. This solution gives us a win-win situation that enables us, together with este, to serve our clients even better.”

    Mr. Jan Latet
    Mr. Roy Quinten