Connecting people

Are you a specialist in cutting edge technology-intensive sectors with a track record of success?
Or are you an expert in the technical skills that power modern economies
– from engineering and construction to drafting, drawing, and manufacturing.

At este, we are looking for team players who are skilled in key technical and technological areas and who are able to integrate with remote teams while serving challenging clients. If you’re such a talent, with good communication and management skills, we would love to have you as part of our team.

Matching talents for a smarter business

Technical Designer - Total Interiors

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Technical drafter precast / STRAKON

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Technical designer ELEC/HVAC

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Electrical Engineer
Building Techniques

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Testimonials team

  • “Since I started at Este, I have felt good energy and motivation in both the team and the management. We are able to keep ourselves constantly up to date with the latest trends and technologies in our field to ensure that our skills are up to date and relevant. Because we emphasize on continuous and clear communication between our client and our team, we understand all the challenges and are able to meet the objectives and expectations.”

    Devika – software engineer
  • “We update and educate our clients and ourselves with the latest tools and technologies. We talk our minds and give opinions also about trends and technologies during frequent team meetings. It’s a fun-loving atmosphere with good work schedule and a friendly environment. Based on the fact that Este is a young company we learn more than in a multinational company because the responsibilities have to be managed differently. Looking to the future, we have the greatest plans to meet the needs of our clients even better.”

    Faisal – Full stack developer
  • “As a team leader I can highly recommend Este as a good place to work for career improvement. We are an experienced team that still wants to learn more and gain more knowledge about the new technology. In technology you never know enough. We continuously learn from each other. That is teamwork and a pleasure to work. It’s my responsibility to keep our communication transparent and to always be accessible to our client. I am committed to my work and to finish our work on time.”

    Balaji – Team leader Technology
  • “There are many efforts from both the management and the team and all these efforts are mutually supportive. Together we create an organization that is creative, fun, hardworking and highly productive. We created an environment to work together with smart guys who have a superior level of intellectual bandwidth. In this way we can offer clients our ideas and solutions without being prompted, because this is not the intention of Este. We want to reach out regularly and provide solutions before problems arise.”

    Naga – Software Developer – Azure Architect
  • “At Este we can always count on flexible and constant communication and we can always rely on feedback from the management. This promotes our growth both professionally and personally. There is the opportunity to build on skillsets which makes Este a place to grow. I’m surrounded with professionally driven people and a manager who always keeps me motivated. We make a difference for our clients through our daily communication and by striving for customer satisfaction and appreciation of their needs. ”

    Archana – Structural Engineer